Gray hair in young men-the causes of the appearance of

Gray hair is a consequence of a physiologically inherent process that cannot be avoided. It has always been perceived as a symbol of wisdom and maturity.

But if this sign is shown too early, the man seriously thinks about his health. Many believe that the appearance of the first gray hair is the end of youth. This leads to a decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence.

The natural color of the hair depends on the melanin. Thanks to pheomelanin, it gets a red hue, and due to eumelanin-dark colors. In the owners of light strands, the accumulation of pigments is the lowest.

When the body stops the natural production of melanin, the hair, losing almost the entire supply of pigment, becomes ash-gray, and in its complete absence-white.

The disappearance of the pigment negatively affects the structure and characteristics of the hair, as melanin gives them elasticity and strength. They become dull, lifeless, dry and brittle, easily tangled and broken.

Early gray hair is a direct consequence of the aging of human organs. Often there is a decrease in the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, without which melanin is not formed.

To understand why this happens, you need to understand the reasons for all the processes.

Representatives of different races find "silver threads" on the head at different ages:

However, in some men, the hair begins to silver already 18-25 years old, and in 30 it becomes completely gray. Most often, this is due to heredity, genetic conditioning, and due to internal failures and external factors. At the same time, the latest results of scientists ' tests have shown that gray hair is a companion of good health. Experts are convinced that gray hair indicates longevity and good health. Scientists constantly conduct research on this issue and often come to unexpected conclusions.

However, the most frequent and common factors that make a man the owner of gray hair are known:

Important! It is necessary to pay attention to the state of health. Gray hair can appear after infectious diseases, with functional disorders of the thyroid gland, diabetes, bronchial asthma.

Experts have found out what negative reasons lead to early graying in men:

Most often, the cause is poor nutrition. The body does not receive sufficient nutrients for the production of melanin. In this case, gray hair begins to appear at the roots, and then spread along the entire length.

Also, young people become gray-haired due to impaired kidney and liver function. The imbalance in the general hormonal background is another unfavorable factor that makes the hair white ahead of time.

Even the fact that gray hair is an indicator of good health, does not discourage many men from wanting to get rid of it.

It is hardly possible to cure the gray hair that has already appeared, here cosmetics come to the rescue. If there are very few white hairs, it is ideal to use special toning shampoos. They give a light natural coloring. You can also beat the early gray hair with a suitable asymmetrical haircut.

The problem of early gray hair is not a reason for despair. Well-groomed white hair can look fashionable and elegant. They add solidity to the image, make it individual and extraordinary.